SEPT - DEC 2020

‘Pay as you Go’ programme

Starts 21st September

Do you want -

  • tennis coaching classes to suit your level?
  • Flexibility to fit your schedule?
  • Meet other interested tennis players or come along with friends?
  • No weekly commitment?
  • Access to a variety of different types of tennis classes e.g. fitness, technique, tactics and games every week?
  • Low player:coach ratios for best improvements?
  • Specific themes to target your strengths and weaknesses?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you need to take a look at our

‘Pay as you Go’ programme

Which Level are you?

When you are looking at the classes it is helpful to gauge your level. We have organised our classes into 2 levels -Foundation and Evolution, which one best describes your tennis?

(Levels do not apply to Cardio Tennis classes)

Foundation = Ranges from getting started - Limited experience - Can maintain short rallies in games

Evolution = Consistent player but not comfortable with all shots - good court coverage - plays regularly and has match experience

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